Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*Reputation, Integrity & Business Ethics

Confucius (illustration from Myths & Legends o... [Image] Do you want more sales? Then relationship selling is a great way to accomplish that goal. However, you must be prepared to consistently demonstrate your reputation, personal integrity and unquestionable business ethics if you truly embrace this sales strategy.

What makes relationship selling such an advantageous sales strategy? Simply speaking, it is all about people relating positively to other people. When I can relate to someone, I have the opportunity to begin to build trust. People buy from people that they trust before they buy from complete strangers.

The key to effective relationship selling is understanding how business ethics or values, reputation and integrity when united build a competitive advantage. Laurel Cutter was quoted as: Values determine behavior, behavior determines reputation; reputation determines advantages. When you consistently demonstrated those non-negotiable business ethics and personal values, you will create your own competitive advantage.

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